Which Astros Hit the Giants?

They may be in the American League now, but for 51 years the Astros were in the National League, playing the Giants every year. From 1969 to 1993, they were in the same division, playing each other 18 times a season. During all that time, which Astro had the most success against Giant pitching? It was (I hope) future Hall-of-Famer Jeff Bagwell, who hit .348/.465/.640 for a 1.105 OPS when facing the Giants. The difference between Bagwell’s OPS against the Giants (1.105) and his career OPS (.951) is also the widest gap between an Astros OPS against the Giants and his cumulative OPS as an Astro. (Bagwell spent his entire career with Houston.) Third on the list? Hunter Pence, who in 117 plate appearances over four seasons, hit .294/.333/.550, for a .883 OPS.

The list is here.


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