The Best Defensive Right Fielders

We’ve been examining the best three-year peaks of defensive play by Giant players, as measured by’s rfield. I explained my methodology here, and we’ve previously looked at catchers, first-, second– and third basemen, shortstops, left fielders, and Willie Mays. Today we finish by looking at right fielders.


Player Years 3-year Defensive Runs/150 3 Year Defensive Runs
Randy Winn 2007-09 12.8 29
Bobby Bonds 1972-74 8.9 26
Bobby Bonds 1971-73 8.4 24
Mel Ott 1929-31 8.7 21
Felipe Alou 1961-63 8.1 20
Mel Ott 1928-30 7.1 19
Mel Ott 1933-35 7.0 19
Mel Ott 1931-33 7.6 18
Mel Ott 1930-32 7.4 18
Mel Ott 1935-37 6.8 17


There was never anything special about Randy Winn’s hitting, other than those glorious 247 plate appearances he had in 2005 after being traded by the Mariners to the Giants. He was, however, an excellent outfielder, and would have had an even higher entry for 2006-08 had he played a few more games in right field instead of in center. Bobby Bonds would win three Gold Gloves and average more than 10 assists a season as a Giant. He combined with Gary Matthews and Garry Maddox for what he believed was the “fastest outfield that’s ever been put on a baseball field.” Felipe Alou’s manager, Alvin Dark, although admittedly not disinterested, considered Alou during the early 1960s the second-best National League outfielder after Willie Mays. (Danny Murtaugh in Pittsburgh would certainly have disagreed.) Mel Ott mastered the short and difficult right field wall at the Polo Grounds.



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